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Luxury Home Sales and Marketing

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Our expertise is turning slow-sale real estate (usually an expired listing) into fast-sale real estate; often listing, selling and closing within ninety-days properties that have been long on the market: six months, a year or even longer.

To Do Better You Have to Get Better / There’s a great difference between putting a home on the market and marketing a home. Should you go on the market again with the same company or a similar local area agent who had equal access to MLS the whole time your house was for sale whose combined magic, when you get down to it, is just the multiple listing service, it’s likely you’ll have the same experience again and go another six-months or so unsold.

Turnaround Sales and Marketing.

   "It's my intention to get you more money for your house than anyone believes possible in today's market and, possibly, more money than anyone has ever gotten before for a house like yours in your entire area or neighborhood; and it's my intention to do it quickly: to list, sell and close within ninety-days irrespective of your experience to date or what you may personally think or feel about the market.

   "To do that I have to do some 'Extraordinary Things' and a few ordinary things, but in an extraordinary way.

   "The 'Pillars of Success' of any great marketing effort are strategic planning, intentioned activity and records to substantiate effort and progress. My agendas for doing these things are (1) The Seller Services Portfolio / A twelve step structured marketing program evolved out of more than forty-years' experience striving to perfect a fast-sale marketing strategy for getting properties sold in a timely fashion at the top of the market whether the market is up or down, and (2) The Fast Sale Marketing Worksheet / An individualized (a) Marketing Program (b) To Do List and (c) Activity Register customized to meet the selling needs or situations specific to your property and locale.

   "Each is a supernova of sales activity made up of bold and enterprising programs that move through the market like juggernauts (unstoppable forces that crush whatever are in their path) always focused on doing first things first and on keeping the main thing, the main thing.

   "The 'Main Thing' of course is getting your count up, meaning your body count: targeted buyers that preview your property per the Secret of Success, Item #2 of the Seller Services Portfolio. Knowing exactly who your buyer will likely be (a buyer predisposed to region, area and locale) and what to expect per The 49-to-1 Rule (that you can expect to receive at least one offer than can be negotiated to success out of every fifty buyers that preview your property) is paramount to success.

   "All programs, big or small, must follow these and other foundation principles to ensure success. You have to know where you're going to get there."

Big Programs for Big Thinkers.

It’s not likely we’ll cover each item on the above mentioned agendas when we visit, but we’ll look at some of the highlights (the game changers) as follow and needs specific to your property I intuit when visiting both you and your property in-house:

World Outreach Marketing / World Outreach Marketing is a full-participation liaison-creating network marketing program I put together one success story at a time over a career spanning more than four-decades that skyrockets the potential for a fast-sale at the top of the market by reaching out to what I dearly call Rich Overseas Buyers and Locals with Means in a unique way that works.

The franchise giants like Sotheby's, Coldwell Banker, First Team, Berkshire Hathaway, Engle & Volkers, Keller Williams, Re/Max, ERA (Electronic Realty Associates), and Century 21 put forth a one-company facade and a presumption of having an international platform or array of programs for reaching out to overseas buyers when they actually are associations of standalone, independent offices owned by local brokers that spend all their time recruiting agents, training newcomers and juggling the books to keep their doors open month-to-month.

The result of this is that property listing agents, themselves, are left holding the bag or carrying the burden of property marketing; and, the problem with this is that resources for doing this are limited on an individual basis and thus are diminished month-to-month to the point where, usually, after only one or two months on the market little to nothing is done to further the aim of selling a property except recommended price reductions and continued listing on MLS (the Multiple Listing Service).

I have a "Big Program" for solving this problem and for reaching out to buyers both locally and internationally that grows exponentially month-to-month that I would like to share with you along with a new "Top of The Mark" appraisal of the value of your property personally prepared by me in hand. Within just a few weeks of starting, your house will be the main attraction in the local market; it will be a serious contender for "First Preview" by incoming buyers from many overseas markets seeking to buy property in your area; and I will have the pleasure of using this program to reel in big-fish-in-a-small-pond agents, some you already know, for cooperative marketing like you have never seen before.

Importantly, my liaison-creating network marketing program is not a mere social media marketing adventure reliant on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus+ or any other social network marketing site; and, notably, it is not reliant on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo Homes,,, MSN or other real estate oriented websites to reach our goal of the international marketing and sale of your property at the top of the market.

Sale by Auction Marketing / We also can look over my unique Sale-by-Auction program. Utilizing it, it’s not uncommon for a home owner to put a home on the market by auction with me that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell it within six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the home.

With this program I give sellers an edge on competition in the market by making their home the first one a buyer will look at if they want to buy in their area: the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction demands that. We sometimes use it for the reverse purpose: to sell for more money than the asking price.

There are other auction programs out there, but not like mine. I created it for the crash of 1990, a savings and loan debacle paralleled in magnitude by the crash of 2008, and have sold hundreds of homes with it since. Using it, we’ll draw both buyers and agents to your property like metal shavings to a powerful magnet in greater numbers than any other program on the market.

My Expertise is Luxury Home Sales and Marketing.

In business, the Law of Consistency states that success is measured in decades, not years. Accordingly, credentials are the collateral I put up to establish the viability of my programs: sweat-earned experience gained over a career spanning four-decades doing one thing: high-level residential sales in marketing for both professional sellers (builders) and home owners alike.

There’s a great difference between putting a home on the market and marketing a home. If that that were not true, then builders with projects valued at tens-of-millions of dollars would list their projects with local area agents and let MLS work its magic; but they don’t, because listing with a local area achiever, a franchise operator and MLS for a builder is the kiss of death.

Builders have to work with a marketing professional that knows how to create demand by creating markets; that knows how to stimulate incentive and how to merchandise onsite, offsite, online, in print and through personalities to achieve success.

That expertise is what I bring to the table for both builders and home owners wherever needed and, thus, my motto: Non-local, Unbounded, My Influence Extends Everywhere.

To Make the Point / You might breakaway for a moment, here, to visit one other of my information-oriented websites, Builder Sales and Marketing, to look over a collection of projects I've sold out for builders all across the California Southland and within other states selected from among hundreds of success stories. I’ve dominated the southern California sale and marketing of new homes for independent builders four-decades running providing three essential services, Merchandising, Advertising and Sales, often selling the highest-priced multi-million dollar tract housing in the state.

When a project goes dead-in-the-water, kind of like an expired listing, my phone rings, there’s a builder on the other side and I’m invited to prepare and present these things to their partners, investors and banks (1) A Proprietary Strategic Marketing Plan, and derived from that (2) A Fast-Sale Marketing Worksheet and Budget, all designed to effect a turnaround sales experience: from slow to fast.

The Crossover is This / The whole of my career, the whole time I have worked with builders, I also have been in the resale market focused on the high-end and do the same thing for home owners that I do for them (1) I Prepare a Proprietary Strategic Marketing Plan, and derived from that (2) A Personalized Fast-Sale Marketing Worksheet that, when executed, gets us all to where we want to go quickly.

Victory Outreach / You are cordially invited to peruse a few among hundreds of listing and sale success stories I call "Victory Outreach" posted on the sidebar to the left. I call them "Victory Outreach" because the examples stretch the southland from Coronado to Calabasas, the Coast to the Mountains and the Desert; the whole of southern California.

Once put to work within any locale or neighborhood, I and a high-profile local Marketing Partner become the dominant local agents as though always there by means of a structured marketing plan executed with vigor and make your house the main neighborhood attraction within just a few weeks' time.

The Standout Qualitative Difference.

The standout qualitative difference between my companies, Real Estate Professionals of Southern California and Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing (a name change for posting signs for clients with properties located outside of the southern California market), and an area-bound local agent's wherever located is that we are a non-local, unbounded, professional marketing company, more like an advertising agency than a real estate company, and like an advertising agency with branches the world over that brands and represents products to buyers the world over, we also brand our clients' homes for success in both the local and international markets, but our unique way... "With Such a Strong Image of Success (Appeal) that Their Power of Attraction is Irresistible and Action-Oriented Incentive that Drives Sales."

Our programs and strategies both local and outreach – personalized to your house and the local market – stretch and break the boundaries of the mass solution to real estate sales practiced by conventional area-bound agents, companies and franchise giants.

We do not wildcat or beat around the bush trying new ideas but provide leadership, a structured program, and proprietary sales and marketing tools needed to implement and effect an "Initial Sales Success" or a "Turnaround Sales Experience."

That's our specialty, turning slow-sale real estate, usually an expired listing, into fast-sale real estate, often listing, selling and closing in ninety-days homes and whole projects that were long on the market.

How to Do Business with Me.

That's the Easy Part / Call any time to talk with me or to an initial contact Marketing Partner associated with my company that may have called on you to represent our program. That's it. We'll plan a visit and go from there. Confidential presentation and personalized sales strategy with new appraisal provided in-house.

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Luxury Home Sales and Marketing
Non-Local, Unbounded, My Influence
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